Zaponism • Hiro Kurata

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Zaponism • Hiro Kurata


Hiro Kurata's Zaponism is Sold-Out. Copies may be available at OuterSpace Gallery.

Zaponism is a limited edition artist book by Hiro Kurata. The book contains 29 b&w computer screenshots the artist used as reference for 29 drawings contained in the book. These screenshots are from American & Japanese cinema found online.

The word Zaponism comes from the following:

•Japonism, or Japonisme, the original French term,which also used in English, is a term for the influence of the art of Japan on those in the West.

•Zapping is a synonym for channel surfing.

While browsing through the book the viewer first witnesses the artists’ drawing. On the reverse of the page the viewer see’s the original source material. The natural instinct is to flip back to the prior page to review the drawing after seeing what it was based on.

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• Edition of 150
• 29 b&w images + 29 spot colour drawings (red & blue)